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Not a review.

So I decided against doing another review for now to just ramble for a while. I’m going to be honest I’ve had a bad week, I take pride that 90% of the time I’m genuinely happy and positive.

But this past week I’ve lived in that small 10%.

I’ve been riddled with stress and anxiety and in the space of five days I’ve had 3 panic attacks and 3 stress triggered nose bleeds. But I’ve come to the realisation of that life can’t be perfect all the time... and that’s ok! I saw a post from social media recently stating .. ”it’s ok to have a meltdown from time to time , just don’t unpack and live there” and I’ve read things like this a million times in my past but this time it really meant something to me. I know that I’m not my normal self at the moment and that’s ok. I’m facing a lot of stress at the moment and that’s ok. I’ve fallen back into the habit of panic attacks. And that’s ok.

I’ve honestly come so far compared to where I’ve been. At one point in my life I couldn’t go a day without having between 3 - 10 panic attacks literally every day. And now I have maybe 1 every 3 months. I‘m not going to sugar coat things ... I’m petrified that I will again fall back into the same cycle I was once in.

But you can’t live in fear all the time. Make sure you take the time to appreciate when your not sad, when your not stressed. Take in all the times that your happy, relaxed, at peace, in love. This way ... next time your in a dark patch you can reference back to the good times. After all it takes bad experiences for you to truly appreciate the good. I’m OK. Yes I’m scared. Yes I’m stressed. Yes I’m riddled with anxiety. BUT I‘VE GOT THIS.

Life is good. Life is worth fighting for.

And to finish this blog I will say one thing, there is one rule I have always loved my life by and I remind myself every single day. Rule #32 = Enjoy the little things.

Thanks for reading if you even got this far. Peace out ✌️

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