• Mia Tomlinson

Tropical Treehouse Sleep Meditation Podcast Review.

To start things off I will be reviewing this wonderful little meditation I found on Spotify. The title of the meditation is: Tropical Treehouse Sleep Meditation Podcast and it’s creator is Tracks to Relax. The setting for this meditation is a tropical rainforest which at first I was sceptical about, I thought that it might make me feel on edge thinking about all the bugs and creepy crawly’s you could be faced with when venturing into the rainforests, never the less I thought; it’s worth a shot...right? I was right. Right from the beginning of this meditation you are made to feel at ease and safe from all of the dangerous ‘virtual’ surroundings.

Everything from the tranquil rainforest sounds, to the soothing narrators voice make you feel at peace. Your taken on a wonderfully short journey through the beautifully tranquil rainforest where you find a treehouse, safe from all of its surroundings. I found for me personally the level of descriptions were just perfect , not too much detail but enough that your mind wonders to some wonderful places. In conclusion if you are looking for an escape meditation which keeps you engaged but somehow let’s your mind wonder at the same time, then this is the meditation for you. It doesn’t make you focus on your feelings and thoughts like a lot of meditations, it’s purely just an escape for your mind. And it’s wonderful. I would highly recommend. And that’s it from me today, thanks for reading. xo Mia

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